Sunday, August 14, 2011

French Belgian Food for Dinner?

Sometimes people ask me if it is hard to be on gluten free diet and say that they can never do that. Well, I did not think I could do it either. Whenever I go to restaurants, and they serve you fresh baked bread, the smell almost kills me. Then, I start to think about how much I feel better without having those bread- no stomachache!

I was looking for a nice dinner in San Francisco and my friend found this French Belgian restaurant " Plouf". It is located in the financial district in downtown San Francisco. If you are a seafood and wine lover, you will like this place a lot! They have different styles of mussel dishes.You can also order a course meal and it comes with a choice of soup/salad, main course- your choice of mussel dish and desert. I had clam chowder for soup. I picked more traditional one- butter and garlic and West Coast Style Cheesecake for desert. I personally like the west style one because it was a lot lighter. If you are not a big fan of cheesecake, what about Crème brûlée?
Full course meal is $29 for a person.

40 Belden Place
San Francisco
CA 94104-2802
(415) 986-6491

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