Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zion National Park

People often ask me what made me start gluten free diet. I started last December when my herbal doctor recommended because of my immune system disorder. He said that wheat powder and sugar can cause immune system disorder to some people. It did not sound convincing at first, but I feel so much better without those two.

It is not too hard to be on gluten free diet at home, but becomes rather challenging when you are traveling. I went to see my dear friend Kat in South Utah this summer. Unfortunately, I did not take any picture of food since I was too excited to see my friend after 6 years!!!!

I am uploading beautiful pictures of Zion Park though. I am not really nature kind of person, but this national park was certainly amazing. It is $25 for a vehicle or $12 per person. If you pay $80, you can buy a seasonal national park ticket that you can go any national park with this in US. I am thinking to do this with my family for my dad's 70th birthday in two years. Once you get in the park, you can take a shuttle and get on and off as you like. Many people ride bicycles and hike, but well, as I said, I am not really nature person. I was very close to the shuttle.

OK, let's talk about food. I went In-N-Out and got a protein wrap. They use lettuce instead of bun. I like vegetables over buns anyways. I went a restaurant called "Oscar's Cafe" in Springdale on the way to the park. At first, I thought that it was a Korean restaurant because of its sign. Once I got closer, I realized it was three different colors of chillies! Anyway, I ordered Pesto Quesadilla. I asked the waiter if the chef could cook with corn tortilla instead of flour and yes he did. Result? It was delicious!

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